Pi Network

The Pi Lifestyle Economy This specific global economy of Pioneers all share the same vision for Pi, where any Pioneer … This specific global economy of Pioneers all share the same vision for Pi, where any Pioneer can have the opportunity to help establish a global economy where anyone will find the value in the Pi they have.

It doesn’t matter if you barely started mining Pi since yesterday, in this economy, your Pi has value to every Pioneer within it.
This is the very definition of a peer to peer marketplace, that has built transactions that are fueled by Pi, that are only possible with trust.
The platform is designed in a way to prevent those who seek to only take, and it is built to reward those who give.
In the sense of value to the economy. This can come in a variety of ways such as a Pioneer’s skillset, time, or knowledge.
It can come through the goods offered through one’s Pi store or through Pi transactions with many different Pioneers.
There is a process in order to be vetted into the economy. It seems complicated at first, but it is necessary in order to understand how a Pi transaction is to occur on both ends of the transaction as a Pioneer offering goods as well as a Pioneer that is buying those goods in exchange for one’s Pi.
Many Pioneers cannot transact with Pi personally, but there are several Pioneers within this economy of the 300 that were offered the opportunity that can transact with Pi. These Pioneers in this economy are identified as Pi Backers.
When being vetted into the economy you cannot pay with Pi for the purchases you will make for goods or services. However, there is a formula to safeguard every Pioneer from spending all the Pi they have, and a system designed to prevent fraudulent acts from occurring.
When you are offered KYC/IAT as a Pioneer, when you can transfer your Pi to other Pioneers, that is when you will pay back all the Pi you used to your Pi Backer.
The Pi you use until then has no interest accruing on it.
The greatest risk lies on the Pi Backers who are using the Pi they have to back your Pi transactions. It requires a great amount of trust, but the sacrifice without benefit is being done in an effort to build an economy to ensure Pi Network succeeds in its Vision.
There are multiple ranking lists to help a Pioneer determine how much trust that Pioneer has within the economy.
This can be determined by trust levels within the community, by the quantity of Pi transactions a Pioneer has completed, by the amount of Pioneers a Pioneer has transacted with, and by when that Pioneer joined the economy.
Every week The Pi Lifestyle Economy is growing and evolving. It is being layered with value with every feature it implements to enhance and enrich the experience a Pioneer has within the economy. Where that experience is engaging and rewarding for those participating in the development of an economy that many more Pioneers will come to love.
There is a great sense of trust and respect within the community towards every Pioneer within the economy. Every day more Pi transactions are completed, and every day more Pioneers are joining the discord where the growth is scaling.
Many people into crypto are waiting for a bull run. Well Pi Is The Bull, and its running. As the economy grows as well as others around the world during Phase 2, there is no telling what is to come the moment Phase 3 is upon us.
If you want the most value for your Pi, you’ll need to find the people who value Pi the most, as that is and always will be the only place to obtain the most value from it.

Author: Rana Sajid iqbal Anjum

جن کو ہم زہر لگتے ہیں۔ وہ ہمیں کونسا شہد لگتےہیں

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