Pi Network

Pi – The Most Useful Crypto Since the creation and development of Bitcoin back in August 18, 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, … Since the creation and development of Bitcoin back in August 18, 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the world has been working aimlessly to create a crypto that would become superior to fiat currency where it is more efficient as well as more effective in offering more value to those who use it.

There have been thousands of cryptos created where initial coin offerings, initial exchange offerings, and airdrops have been implemented to garner massive adoption worldwide. Blockchain technology has also evolved where forks have happened from previous blockchain technology to develop better systems.
New blockchain technology has also developed taking into consideration all the setbacks previous blockchain technology could not change due to their inherent design.
As technology improves over time, new innovative ideas emerge that push the capability of cryptography technology.
Where equal opportunity exists where it did not before for the average person involved in the crypto space.
Thousands of cryptos promise a global monetary system where federal governments and financial institutions can no longer control the access to money.
However, all of them have failed to deliver the utility a cryptocurrency requires for it to be successful in the sense that it is used daily for goods and services from hundreds of millions of people across hundreds of countries worldwide.
The value that Pi can offer to the people that hold it, that also desire to use it, will only come from the Pioneers who offer such value to others in exchange for Pi.
This means Pi must be valued where it is accepted at the same value it is spent. Which requires its volatility in its value to be limited in order to establish the trust people require for it to be desired as their medium of exchange.
People today save up their fiat currency for a down payment for a home or a down payment on a vehicle and typically will finance the rest through their bank or credit union. In other countries, credit at that level does not exist. Therefore, a home or a vehicle must be paid in full in order to purchase it.
Pi will be useful, if it has the ability to buy what is useful for many people. In the world we live in today, technology is highly regarded as a necessary item to have. A mobile phone can perform many functions and for millions of people worldwide it is worth the cost.
Therefore, if Pi can purchase a mobile device, it will build on its utility as more goods and services of this realm are offered in exchange for Pi.
In a growing economy, new merchants will seek out to offer goods and services that don’t exist in an effort to eliminate competition as well as build upon their marketshare early on to establish trust in their business within the economy.
This will ultimately lead to diversity in what Pi can offer in regard to value. Each new item that Pi has bought, opens up the possibility to millions of what can be bought with Pi. Therefore, other sellers may look into those same products if they sell very well, and this will ultimately drive up the value Pi can offer as businesses compete in offering more value for similar items to the same consumers.
The economies that now exist for Pi at this time are all being built on a global level. Which is very powerful to understand, as the foundation of Pi lies in its global acceptance, and the ability for others to be able to capture its value no matter where they are in the world.
As these economies grow, and more Pioneers are able to use Pi from their Pi accounts, an entire ecosystem of Pioneers worldwide would be able to digitally access a world of opportunity anywhere in the world. Allowing Pi to have far more impact than any company could build alone.
“There is no limit to what Pi can buy that is legal if the world is working together to give Pi value, by offering what is valuable to many in exchange for Pi.”
The acceptance for Pi is relative to the Pioneer and what it can offer to the Pioneer who spends it. More people will be willing to accept it, if there are more things that people can buy with it. Which all comes down to one idea: How much do you value your Pi?
As the only Pioneers who value it the most, will be the only Pioneers who will offer the most for it in exchange for their skills, time, resources, goods and services.

Author: Rana Sajid iqbal Anjum

جن کو ہم زہر لگتے ہیں۔ وہ ہمیں کونسا شہد لگتےہیں

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